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So my summer has been pretty...calm. I'm done with summer school, so now all I have left to worry about (besides getting the transcript to send back to UT) is catching up on Japanese and Spanish. My Spanish is getting much better since I've been working at a local Tex-Mex restaurant here in San Antonio (but now it's getting harder to recall Japanese...whoops. >_<). I'm loving how all my hard work pays off being a waiter there; I was so desperate for cash since my summer started I was worrying that all my job opportunities would dry up by the end of June, so I'm really happy I'm rollin' in the dough! lol

And OMG I'm starting to relieve memories of the N64; after that Pokémon OTND post I'm starting to miss it, and not even a month ago I saw an N64 at Goodwill, and it had controllers and games and EVERYTHING...but the last thing I need to do is splurge. :/

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